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"At Healo Foods, we take pride in crafting our broths from scratch to ensure the utmost quality. Our commitment to healthy bone broths means zero additives, antibiotics, by-products, growth stimulators, hormones, preservatives, or steroids. Our broths are rich in protein, collagen, and fatty acids."

"All of our products are made in the U.S.A. We prioritize the use of top-notch materials for the storage of our products. You won't find any aluminum liners or packaging here, eliminating any potential traces of harmful metals. Our fresh, chilled bone broths are carefully preserved in BPA-free glass jars, offering an impressive shelf life of 18 months."

Igor Chukhriy


Meet Igor Chukhriy, the visionary behind Healo Foods. With a wealth of expertise in the realms of broth, meats, and poultry industries, Igor possesses an unparalleled understanding of our products.

Hailing from Ukraine, Igor's early life was steeped in the meat business within his homeland. Upon arriving in the U.S. 24 years ago, he rekindled his passion for the industry. Diving deep into research, he forged connections with farmers, explored agricultural ventures, and solidified bonds with premier suppliers.

Through a journey of expanding his meat industry knowledge, Igor eventually ventured into establishing a wholesale enterprise. His involvement with prominent farmers and suppliers only grew with time, leading him to represent major U.S. beef and veal packers internationally.

His ventures didn't stop there. Igor's dedication to quality led him to open a restaurant, which now proudly boasts a five-star Diamond Award. Guided by his motto, "Quality always beats quantity," he curated a specialized menu featuring premium products from small farms, including the renowned Joyce Farms with its line of Heritage products encompassing beef and chicken.

The success of his restaurant was undeniable, as the unique offerings set it apart. Yet, Igor realized that the superior products that graced his restaurant's menu were equally fit for the consumer market. This epiphany marked the birth of Healo Foods, an endeavor dedicated to sharing exceptional quality with a wider audience.


Within our selection of bone broths, two stand out and they are crafted from animals reared on regenerative farms: our Heritage beef broth and Heritage chicken broth.

By embracing animals raised through regenerative agriculture, we participate in a harmonious cycle of life that benefits the soil, animals, and consumers alike.

For a deeper insight into the world of regenerative farming,
explore https://joyce-farms.com
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