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Bone Broth During Pregnancy: Its Safety and Benefits

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Healo Foods bone broth is nutrient dense and delicious. It's the perfect ingredient in your #PregnancyDiet. Whether you suffer from intense cravings, morning sickness or a lack of appetite, you can count on bone broth to nourish you and your baby.

Today, we'll explore bone broth's safety and nutritional value for expectant mothers. A blast of pregnancy hormones means you're likely experiencing a rush of maternal instinct right now, so let's cover the safety issues first.


Is Bone Broth Safe For Pregnant Women?


Absolutely! Bone broth is slowly simmered for 20+ hours at 189 to 195 ° F, which kills any microbes like bacteria and protozoans. This process also extracts the goodness from our ingredients and infuses it into the broth. 



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But as a #NewMom, you're thinking about other issues like hormones, pesticides, preservatives, or BPAs in plastic packaging. After all, everything you consume will be consumed by your little passenger, too. At Healo Foods, we guarantee that our bone broth ingredients and packaging are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is a big part of our core values.


About Our Safe, Reliable Ingredients and Packaging


Our bone broths come from livestock that's grass-fed, pasture-raised and grown on regenerative farms. They're hormone-free. And they contain no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or GMOs. 


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At Healo Foods, we work with heritage farms, not giant factory farm operations. We only accept livestock that is:

  • From a USDA-approved plant, following strict food safety and HACCP program that includes voluntary USDA inspection of every bird
  • Animal Welfare Certified Pasture Raised
  • Antibiotics-free

Furthermore, each jar of bone broth we craft is sugar-free, gluten-free, and appropriate for paleo or low-carb diets. 


What Are the Benefits of Bone Broth for Pregnancy?


First, know that broths are easily absorbed in the gut. They'll help hydrate you, allowing nutrients to move around in your body, which is vital during these nine months. 


The Importance of Hydration During Pregnancy


According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), you'll need to pump up your fluid intake to remove cellular waste and prevent constipation, so common during pregnancy. Plus, your little passenger needs fluids to create the amniotic fluid that will keep them cushioned and safe.


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You'll want to keep up those good hydrating habits if you choose to breastfeed. 

But the nutritional value is essential, too.


Nutrition During Pregnancy


Throughout your pregnancy, you may find it challenging to eat. Most women suffer from morning sickness — which can happen any time of day — during the early weeks of pregnancy. Usually, this nausea will settle down by the second trimester, but not always. If you're like this author, who experienced nausea for 30 full weeks of a twin pregnancy, you know what we mean! 


Pregnant woman on bed with morning sickness


Bone broth is great for morning sickness. Just heat it and sip it slowly, and your body will absorb it quickly. Add a few crackers or boiled egg noodles for more substance if you feel up to it. 


Nutritional Impact of Bone Broth


You want to provide the best nutrition for your little bundle of love throughout your pregnancy.

You'll need to eat extra:

  • Protein, for cellular growth and muscle-building
  • Calories, for the energy to create a whole new human and get that nursery decorated
  • Collagen, for skin, bones and connective tissues
  • Glycine, an amino acid for fetal growth and collagen absorption
  • Calcium combined with vitamin D for new bones and a new immune system
  • And vitamin C, which you should eat at a different time of day than calcium (otherwise, they interact, and you won't absorb either)


The Value of Collagen During Pregnancy


Each jar of Healo Foods bone broth contains 14 to 17 grams of pure collagen. Your body uses collagen to create skin, bones, and connective tissues like tendons and ligaments.


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As an expectant mother, your body will undergo tremendous changes and strain during this time. Collagen found in bone broth will help keep your skin elastic. Per the American Pregnancy Association (APA), it helps reduce your risk of stretch marks. And healthy, supple skin will bounce back from pregnancy. We're talking about #BreastHealth.

To make use of collagen, your body needs glycine.




Healo bone broth is a good source of glycine. Glycine is a conditional amino acid, so your body can make it from other amino acids. But in pregnancy, the body needs more. Some studies say call glycine "conditionally indispensable during pregnancy." It's vital!

Glycine is used to create fetal DNA and collagen. It's imperative during the later stages of pregnancy when your baby is growing rapidly. During that third trimester, your baby's bones, connective tissues, and organs need plenty of glycine.

Your pregnant body needs glycine as well. Your uterus, breasts, and stretching skin require glycine to use the collagen mentioned above. 


Bone Broth for the Post-Partum Stage


 mother welcoming her newborn baby on a hospital bed


After the birth of your newest family member, your body will continue to need extra support. This is a time of rest, healing and bonding with your baby. For many new parents, it's also a time of disrupted sleep and real-world stress. But self-care should still be high on your list because a healthy baby needs a healthy mom.

Looking forward to your baby's first year, a diet with lots of bone broth will support your healing body and help you return to your pre-pregnancy condition. The lack of sleep and demands of a newborn baby — whether you're breastfeeding or not — can be a tremendous strain. So take your prenatal vitamins and treat yourself to bone broth several times a week. It will do wonders for your skin and hair!


Try Healo Foods Bone Broth Today


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Bone broth takes a long time to make in the kitchen, and no new mother has time to watch over a boiling pot for 20+ hours! Try our delicious bone broths today. Our offerings include:

Check out our blog for nutritious, healthy meals you can make with our products, and order your bone broth now to place your order today. 

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