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What to Eat Before and After Surgery or Let Food Be The Medicine: Bone Broth

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If you’ve had surgery, the foods you eat in the days, weeks, and months after your procedure can affect your healing and recovery. Eating the right foods can help prevent complications after surgery, such as constipation, high blood sugar (glucose), and infections.

It is not uncommon after surgery to experience a bit of nausea or loss of appetite. Since it’s extremely important not to deprive your body of the nutrition and hydration it needs to recover, our line of high-quality Broths can save the day if you’re dealing with this post-surgery side effect.

Our Broths are light and easy to swallow, while still providing vital nutrients for healing. Think about selecting broth made by Healo Foods that contain hearty amounts of vegetables and protein. Fluids are also a vital part of recovery, and our line of broths will keep you hydrated while still packing a nutritional punch.

Healo Foods Bone Broth is made with Heritage Chicken and Beef bones, that are roasted and then simmered in excess of 24 hours. A splash of vinegar is added to the simmering water to help extract minerals from bones. A variety of spices (black pepper, garlic, bay leaf, pink Himalayan salt, etc..) and herbs are added to suit your taste. At the end of cooking, bones should crumble when gently pressed. An eight-ounce cup of bone broth delivers 11 grams of proteins, plenty of minerals like calcium and potassium and just 40-50 calories. This nutrient dense liquid is different from the watered down, store bought, boxed and canned broth. These commercially prepared broths are highly processed and lack the flavor and nutritious value of Healo Foods bone broths.

According to Dr. Elias Darido, MD, FACS who is the founder and chief surgeon at Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center, bone broth strongly recommended to patients before and after surgery. Prior to surgery, bone broth will replenish your mineral deficiencies, restore your immune system, build up your protein stores, heal the lining of your intestines and prepare your metabolism for surgery. After surgery, bone broth is the perfect drink to recover.

According to Penn Medicine (The Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania — Penn Presbyterian are proud to be ranked #13 in the nation and once again the #1 hospital in Pennsylvania by U.S. News & World Report's Honor Roll of Best Hospitals.) for bariatric patients, surgeons recommend consuming a clear liquid diet while you’re still in the hospital — within the first 24 hours after surgery. The primary goal of this diet is to keep you hydrated while also avoiding any possible irritants to your stomach.


Benefits Of Bone Broth After Surgery


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  • Bone broth contains glycine which helps in the stimulation of stomach acid. Acid reflux is not uncommon after bariatric surgery, and while many people think it is caused by too much acid, studies have shown that too little stomach acid could be the real cause of reflux.


  • Glycine also promotes secretion of bile acid, which is vital in the digestion of fat in the small intestine as well as help in maintaining blood cholesterol levels that are healthy. This is key after bariatric surgery because you need to lose weight and regain optimal health from the inside out.


  • Bone broth is vital for detoxification. The body has its own natural mechanism for getting rid of toxins from the body and that is the function of the liver. The glycine found in the bone broth simply gives your liver a hand in eliminating any dangerous toxins from the body. These could be from some of the medications that you have to take following surgery, toxins from liquids or solids consumed before or even after the surgery.


  • Bone broth has anti inflammatory properties from the rich proteins it contains. It, therefore, helps in quick recovery following surgery. The stress surgery causes on the body demands an increase in amino acids. Although your body synthesizes some essential amino acids, to boost the levels some must be obtained from the foods we eat. Bone broth has conditionally essential amino acids that help in promoting a quick recovery following bariatric surgery.

Heritage Healo Foods Bone Broth is the best full liquid diet meal you can consume especially in the first 2 weeks after gastric sleeve or bypass. Patients typically order their broth prior to procedure and store it for daily use after surgery.

You can buy Healo Foods Heritage Bone Broths online at https://healofoods.com, by shopping at our Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and eBay stores.

We are happy to answer any of your questions: info@healofoods.com


The type of surgery you had and any health conditions you have will determine the diet you’ll need to follow while you’re recovering.

For example:

  • If you’ve had surgery on your bowel, you may need to be on a low-fiber diet to give your digestive system a chance to heal.
  • If you have severe liver disease, you may need to limit how much protein you eat.
  • If you have conditions like diverticulitis, you may need to avoid nuts.
  • While these general tips in this article can be helpful, they won’t apply to everyone. Follow the instructions given to you by your healthcare team before you leave the hospital.

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